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Camila and Erica met in German classes and between learning 12 versions of “the” in german and how to pronounce  ü they discovered that they have a lot in common. Not only are they both globetrotters who have lived in various countries and love travelling, but they also have a passion for food!  This is how they idea for this blog was born, combining the two things that they love.



Favourite country:

Dream destination:

Favourite food holiday:


Nationality: Swedish

Favourite country: Very difficult choice but for now I would say Peru because it’s so full of culture, amazing food and so much to explore!

Dream destination: Right now I want to go and visit a friend in Jamaica, would love to see her country.

Favourite food holiday: Sicily, I could just keep eating and drinking all day and I spent the time with my friend from there and her family has their own olive oil company so had amazing olives and so much good food!


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